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Leader in graphene materials production and application development in Latin America.

Our focus on collaboration, research, and development alongside our strategic partners enables us to innovate and provide solutions with exceptional performance for various industries, where graphene serves as the key agent.

We are your allies in research and development of Graphene Oxide Solutions

We turn Graphene Oxide into a catalyst for innovation and development for your company

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0 yearsin the development of nanotechnological applications with graphene

0 countriesin which we have commercial presence

0 productsbased on graphene and graphene oxide

0 agreementswith research centers, universities and industrial partners

Graphenemex, pioneers in nanotechnology in Latin America

Dedicated to research and production of Graphene Materials

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To achieve our objectives, we have engaged with research centers, universities, and industrial partners to develop applications and harness all the benefits of graphene and other nanomaterials.