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Graphene, a Nobel Prize-winning nanomaterial, is both the strongest and the lightest material known. Graphene is a two-dimensional crystal only an atom thick.


It is 200 times stronger than steel but six times lighter.

Conducts electricity better than copper.

UV and corrosion resistant.

Highly impermeable, even to hydrogen and helium.


Antimicrobial properties.

It can be functionalized to create different graphene materials for each application.


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GRAPHENE IN THE COATINGS AND PAINTS INDUSTRY Graphene is currently the most revolutionary nanotechnological additive in the coatings and paints industry. Coatings are regularly used for decorative purposes and for surface protection, especially for protection against corrosion, humidity, fouling, mechanical wear, among others. At a commercial level, there is a wide variety of coatings based on different types of resins and additives, their efficiency is generally associated with an increase in cost. However, the coatings

Use of Graphene for automotive care Just as continuous exposure to solar radiation is harmful to our skin, it also affects the appearance of cars, in particular it causes damage to paint, moldings, tires and other auto parts. In fact, the sun, acid rain and temperature changes are three of its main enemies, for that reason there are countless product options on the market for its care. Graphene is the most interesting form in which

Graphene and the Food Packaging Industry According to data from the World Bank, every year in Mexico 24 million tons of food are wasted. This means that 34% of the country’s production is not only NOT consumed, but also generates an average expense of 491 billion pesos.This impact is not only economic, but it is a problem that extends to the social sphere, due to the well-known food crisis and to the environment, due to

Graphenergy Evolution of the Graphene Industry in recent years in the world Graphene is the most revolutionary nanomaterial of the 21st century and is considered the basic pillar for carbon nanochemistry, that is, the main element of all organic compounds. Its versatility derives from its structure in the form of two-dimensional (2D) sheets, made up of carbon atoms linked in a hexagonal manner, and its importance lies in the extraordinary properties attributed to it and

Graphenergy Polymeric nanocomposites with graphene reinforcement Mexico City – Thanks to the extraordinary properties, innumerable investigations and business promises around Graphene in the world, in 2021 its market was valued at 127.12 million dollars, forecasting an annual growth rate of more than 70% in the period from 2022 to 2027. However, 18 years after its isolation and despite the enormous competition from companies to develop applications with this nanomaterial, there are still relatively few products

Graphenergy construction Nanotechnology applied in the tube marking process Mexico City – Energeia Graphenemex® is a pioneering nanotechnology company in Latin America, dedicated to the research and production of graphene materials, as well as the development of applications at an industrial level. Within the company’s research and development protocols, it seeks to solve problems faced by companies or industries on a daily basis, for which research agreements or alliances are made to seek to develop

Graphenergy Construction Nanotechnological additive for concrete with graphene oxide Mexico City – 9 years after being established, Energeia Fusion S.A. de C.V., the most important Mexican company in Latin America and promoter of the renowned Graphenemex® brand, launches the Graphenergy construction line, a new generation of nanotechnological additives for concrete with graphene oxide, which promises to strengthen the infrastructure and construction industry . El Grafeno, también conocido como “el material del futuro”, finalmente traspasó la

A new pedestrian promenade has been finished in CDMX painted with our graphene coating, which joins the previous one in the Zócalo. We continue to advance with the applications of this great material.

A beautiful recent view of the Zócalo pedestrian promenade made with our graphene coating

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