Graphenemex considers both technology that is advanced enough to satisfy market requirements and the existence of clear demand/market for the innovation.We are currently focused on three sets of graphene applications:

• Graphene-based polymer nanocomposites.
• Paints and coating.
• Biomedical sensors.

Our development initiatives and partnerships follow several steps:

1Identify research suitable to be converted into commercial solutions.

2Develop graphene applications according to innovation cycles, technology maturity and economic feasibility.

3Produce graphene material tailored to the needs of each application.

4Perform technical proof-of-concept studies to demonstrate that the application can be effective in a real-world setting.

5Develop the technology into a commercially attractive proposition.

6Secure the necessary regulatory approvals, if required.

7Ensure reliable production scale-up.

8Support continuous improvement.

The following are some of the graphene solutions currently under development:

Construction formwork

Armor vests

Anti-rust paint