Personal Protective Equipment

In less than 20 years, world society has faced a series of abnormal phenomena such as epidemics and pandemics caused by highly infectious pathogens and with increasingly efficient propagation mechanisms [SARS (2003), MERS (2012), Ebola (2014) and, recently, the new coronavirus SARS-Cov-2 (2019)], managing to become part of a worrying normality that has not only aggravated, but also collapsed society and the economy.

Antimicrobial power of graphene oxide Multiple international investigations have shown that graphene oxide acts as a barrier that prevents the adhesion and proliferation of microorganisms (fungi, viruses and bacteria) on surfaces and, therefore, helps to limit their spread and the risk of infection.

Representative image of EXCLUSION BY SIZE as a high barrier mechanism of Graphene. The size exclusion is due to the density, distribution and distance between the carbon atoms (0.142 nm) in the horizontal plane and the size of the nanochannels between the graphene composite sheets (0.3-0.9 nm) in the vertical plane, that block the passage of liquid and gas molecules as well as the passage of fine (PM 2.5) and ultrafine (PM 0.1) particles.

The challenges of today’s world require more efficient strategies and technologies to strengthen health services and protection measures for the general population, which is why we developed a new generation of graphene nanotechnology personal protection equipment.

Protection Mask Triple layer protection mask with Graphene Oxide that protects against particles larger than 5 nanometers.
Resistant to impacts and minor scratches.
Anti-fog treatment.
Transparent side guards.
Material fastening tape without loss of elasticity coefficient.
Mechanism that ensures a firm fit.
Allows simultaneous use with conventional lenses and N95 mask or face mask.

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Face MasksMade with three layers of non-woven fabric reinforced with a specialized graphene oxide formulation integrated along the entire surface of the fabric to improve its barrier properties and provide greater safety to the user.
The nanotechnological barrier of face masks is at the molecular level, which improves antimicrobial properties, impermeability against liquids and against fine/ultrafine particles.

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