Exfoliated Graphene

Graphene is a two-dimensional (2D) nanostructure that, like diamond and graphite (3D), belongs to the carbon family, but fundamentally can be defined as sheets made up of carbon atoms organized in a hexagonal manner similar to a honeycomb and with mechanical, thermal, electrical, optical, antimicrobial properties, etc., highly attractive for different industries.

Through the exfoliation method, graphite is exfoliated in order to separate its multiple layers.

Graphenemex® Graphene is produced by a propietary patented method for the exfoliation of graphite in the liquid phase exfoliation of graphite and consists of few layer graphene (4 – 6) with a special functionalization that allows it to form stable suspensions in water, as well as to combine with other materials or molecules to transfer its properties and create or improve a new compound.

Properties Graphene properties are numerous and outstanding: electrical and thermal conductivity, mechanical resistence, transparency, high surface area, flexibility and impermeability, among others.

Applicationss Conductive inks
Batteries and supercapacitors
Photovoltaic cells
Medical applications